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Do We Really Get Customer Centricity?

By Brian H Meredith

A key element of marketing practice is supposed to be about reaching out and touching/connecting with customers and prospects in a relevant, dynamic and targeted way, as well as managing one-on-one relationships with target individuals through to conversion or actual deals. But there may be a disconnect between what marketers profess is their commitment to this process and what they actually do.



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You Won't Catch Trout....

...If The Plug For The Jug Is In The Bathroom
So there I was....

....a firm grip on a beautifully crafted piece of matt black graphite with equally well crafted cork grip on the butt end (that’s the end you hold). Attached to this expensive piece of space ace technology was a finely engineered (also matt black) fly reel. Read more >>

john gatcliffe commented on 03-Nov-2011 10:02 PM
What's a "dunny"?

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