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Pampered Properties

In the rush to prepare Financial Projections and a whole bunch of other stuff for banks and other financial institutions, as well as complying with a raft of legal requirements, too many business start ups omit to deal with the single most important requirement of starting a new business – the Marketing Plan.

For many years, David Evans excelled in the world of Super Yachts, sailing as a 1st Officer with full responsibility for the meticulous operation, care and maintenance of these multimillion dollar ocean going homes.


When the Owner arrived, the vessel was “ready” for them, in every sense of the word – painstakingly maintained, immaculately presented and comprehensively provisioned.


Attention to detail was not the holy grail – it was just the beginning.


Having transferred and applied his skills to the long term care and maintenance of a high end residential property in New York, David Evans is now back in New Zealand and has launched Pampered Properties by David Evans™


The Marketing Bureau assisted and guided David Evans in the development of the concept, the naming of the business (Pampered Properties) and the preparation of a Business & Marketing Plan which, amongst other things, addressed the four fundamental questions of business & marketing planning:


What business am I in?


What am I selling?


Who am I selling it to?


Why should they want to buy it anyway?