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Circular Economy

Sustainable Development

Carbon footprint

Turning post-consumer and industrial waste into high-performance materials. Turn key solutions that enable the movement into a truly circular economy.
We aim to influence an economy of innovation and inspire other businesses to create environmentally sustainable solutions.

We are the last generation to save Mother Earth from the ill effects of urbanisation.
Recycle the disposable items after use.

Save 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide annually by 50% of recycling household waste.


Reducing is a choice of
consciousness. Reducing waste allows
us to participate


“The Second Life”

A group of engineers and craftsmen working together to develop material from waste to re-engineer into various applications. Electronics, Food, Wood, Construction and Automotive waste converted to use again.


Use reusable items such as thermoses for daily coffee or plastic containers for water and other cold beverages rather than disposable ones.


Caltivating the habbits of being  responsible of waste and only wish to receive the wanted or needed product.

Solar PV

Solar PV Systems for Home, Building and Industry

Innovations are happening almost daily and we are able to deliver most efficient and affordable Solar P V Systems to our consumers who is turn are shifting to Solar PV to contribute to the Greener and Cleaner environment. We are Highly Experienced team of Engineering professional and deliver Highest Grade & Quality.

All Kind of Solar System

World wide delivery and Installation

Lease purchase system available in specific geographies

Solar PV On-line Design and Quotation Tool/App


EV Battery 2nd life for Power back up application

“Special Inverters to use EV Used batteries in Power Back up application”

We are set of expert engineers and care for mother earth. Not only we refurbish & Recycle Industrial and Plastic, We also follow the future development and develop technology to mitigate the challenges are coming soon Electrical vehicles are coming in operations and the EV Batteries recycle will be threat to environment.

We have developed technologies towards 2nd life of EV batteries for Power Back up applications before we put them in professionally managed recycling process.

We help organisations to implement their Sustainability programmes most efficiently with the inclusion of the employees.

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Refurbished / Reconditioned


Used items


Used Refurbished Home and Office Furniture and Services